Business Accounts

Get your business set up with Centrapay.

What you get

Centrapay Business accounts give an owner the means to create and manage merchants, submit integration requests for terminal and asset providers.

Business Manager Tools

Accept QR Code Payments

Centrapay can intergrate with your payment termanal providor to accept Centrapay and let your customers pay with a QR code.

Merchant Management

A merchant represents a single location of the business. Most businesses may never need more than one. BIGGER businesses may want to manage multiple stores in different locations for the same business in the same account

Settlement Management

Link a business bank account to your merchant to make settlements seamless.

centrapay merchant manager

Merchant Manager

Business accounts provide merchants with the tools they need to join the Centrapay merchant acceptance network and manage how customers connect, engage and pay.

How do I create a Business Account?
  1. Visit
  2. Sign-in with or register a personal Centrapay account.
  3. Click “Add a Business”
  4. Start typing to search the “Company Register” for your business
  5. Select the result which looks correct
  6. Review the details of the company before pressing “Create Business”
What is a Merchant in Centrapay?

A merchant is an initiator of Payment Requests. A Merchant has Merchant Configs that define the payment methods available for a Payment Request.

Most businesses may only need one merchant. If a business is managed by the same company and has multiple locations we would recommend having each location listed as a merchant in the same business account.

For example there might be a business called “Centra Perk Ltd.” that manages Centra Perk Ponsonby and Centra Perk Taupo.

How do I create a Merchant?

Once you have created your Business Account, on the merchants page click “Add a Merchant” to create and configure your first merchants with;

  • Merchant name
  • Address of service
  • Terminal integrations
  • Asset integrations
  • Settlement details

Once you are ready you can create the merchant.

NOTE: If you do not have all the information needed with you, simply populate the information you do have, hit create and continue when you have the remaining details.

Does it cost to join Centrapay?

Centrapay is designed to reduce costs for merchants.

As we are still in the early phases of growing our merchant acceptance network we are offering businesses who join before November 2021 free set up, with a flat transaction fee specific to some certain third party digital assests.

How to Accept Digital Assets

A merchant on the Centrapay network will automatically be configured to accept NZD.

A mechant can then intergrate with assets providers and request to accept a range of other assets. For example a mechant can integrate with Gift Station and request to accept Hospitality New Zealand’s KOHA card.

How to Accept the KOHA Card
How much does it cost to accept the KOHA Card?

FREE to set up – There is no set up cost to businesses which register before November 2021
A flat fee of $0.25c per transaction using a KOHA card.
No fixed term contract, you can cancel at any time.

How to accept the KOHA Card?
  1. Go to merchants in your Centrapay business account
  2. Create or edit the merchant you wish to accept the KOHA card
  3. Find and select Gift Station in the integrations list
  4. On the Gift Station integration page switch on the KOHA card
  5. Press Continue
  6. Press Create or Update Merchant to complete.

Your request will be sent to Gift Station who will check everything is correct before configuring your intergation so the KOHA card can be accepted using the Centrapay option on your terminials.

Set up your Centrapay Business today.