Send, redeem and analyse vouchers in real-time. 

POCKETvouchers close the loop’ between real-time brand engagement and real-time voucher redemption (securely managed via our multiple merchant system integrations) to create truly insightful and measurable marketing. 

Connect, Engage & Pay

Engage Customers

POCKETvoucher’s can be sent via SMS, Whatsapp or API

Reward loyalty

A POCKETvoucher is sent after a series of qualifying purchases

Media Insights

Deliver vouchers through multiple media channels and understand which provides the greatest ROI.

Promote offers

Login to the Centrapay Portal and curate a campaign to engage consumers

Create Competitions

Text a unique code or key phrase to enter get data and insights on your customers buying behaviour 

Zero Fraud

Eliminate fraud by securley tracking every voucher as its sent, to when its redeemed.

Retain customers

A PocketVoucher is sent in response to your customer engaging with a competitor.

100% Measurability

Measure the relationship between marketing and product trial/sales.


Drive foot traffic into an aligned retail channel whilst understanding basket spend and frequency.