Gift Cards

Introducing Gift Station gift cards without the plastic.

Centrapay × Gift Station

Gift Station, New Zealand’s #1 gift card provider, are making a growing number of gift cards compatible with Centrapay. Receive the gift card in a digital wallet then send it or spend it.

No Plastic Needed

A plastic free eco-conscious gift card.

Easy to Redeem

QR code payments via Centrapay.

Send it to a Friend

Send the gift card to any NZ mobile.

Track Your Balance

Know your balance before you spend.

Digital Wallet

Your gift cards are secured and managed in the Centrapay web app from which you can send it or spend it instantly.


The Hospitality New Zealand KOHA card takes the guesswork out of choosing a gift, letting the recipient choose what they want. Hospitality is about great experiences. KOHA card can be used to create memorable moments and experiences like Staycations, Eating out, Events, Drink with friends, and whanau.

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Buy on Gift Station

Purchase on Gift Station

Virtual Gift Cards can be purchased on Gift Station’s website. They’re delivered via TXT to an NZ mobile number and securely stored in a Centrapay mobile wallet.

Shop on Gift Station

How to buy a Virtual Gift Card
  1. Select a supported Gift Card on
  2. Select a store value
  3. Select delivery method: TXT
  4. Press Add to Cart
  5. Sign In or Register an Account with Gift Station
  6. Enter an NZ mobile number in the Send To input field
  7. Complete Billing Information
  8. Select your Payment Method
  9. On Order Review press Place Order
  10. Complete the Payment Process
  11. A TXT will be sent to the number in Step 6 to claim the gift card.
Gift Card TXT Delivery Details

It may take up to 5 business days to process the payment and deliver a digital gift card.

If the receiver does not already have a Centrapay account, they have 14 days to register at which point the gift card will be added automatically to their Centrapay digital wallet.

If the recipient does not register an account with Centrapay using the mobile number within 14 days, the gift card will not be claimed and instead returned to the “Sender”.

Can I send it to someone at a specific time?

The best way to do this is by sending the gift card to your personal digital wallet. Head to Gift Station, purchase the gift card, send it to your personal mobile number (refer to Step 6 “How to Buy a Virtual Gift Card above).

Refer to the instructions in the next section when you are ready to send the gift card to the recipient via your Centrapay digital wallet.

Send it with Centrapay

If you wish to ensure a recipient receives a gift card at a certain time, it is best to first send it to yourself from Gift Station. Log into your Centrapay digital wallet to send the gift card to the recipient. You can even add a personal message to the TXT.

The Sender
  1. Go to and log into your digital wallet
  2. Select the gift Card you wish to send
  3. On the gift card page press Send it
  4. Optional: Personalise the TXT message for the recipient
  5. Enter the recipient’s mobile number
  6. Press the Send icon
The Recipient
  1. The recipient will get a TXT with a link to claim the gift card
  2. They will need to Login or Register with Centrapay
  3. If the receiver already has an account, the gift card will automatically be added to their wallet
What if they don't have Centrapay

New User Asset Claim Request
If the recipient does not already have a Centrapay account, they have 14 days to register at which point the gift card will be automatically added to their digital wallet.

Gift Card Claim Timed Out
If the reciepient does not register an account with Centrapay using the mobile number within 14 days, the gift card will not be claim and instead returned to the “Sender”.

Spend it with Centrapay

Spending gift cards with Centrapay should be as simple as finding a merchant who supports the gift card, selecting Centrapay on the payment terminal, scanning the QR code on screen and pressing pay.

How to send with Centrapay
  1. Find a Centrapay supported merchant (Map Link)
  2. Select the Centrapay option on the payment terminal
  3. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera
  4. Click the link to open Centrapay to the pay screen
  5. With the Gift Card selected, press “Pay”
Know your gift card balance

Payments cannot exceed the remaining balance of the gift card. We recommend checking the balance and telling the cashier amount on the gift card if the total cost is larger than the remaining balance.

Multi asset payments (Coming Soon)

Going forward, Centrapay will be adding support for multi-asset payments. This will mean that if the total cost of a payment is $75 and you have a gift card worth $50, the remaining $25 can come form Money stored in your Centrapay wallet. Both assets will conveniently be processed in a single payment.

Request to Accept Gift Cards with Centrapay

If you own or manage a business that would like to accept a Gift Station virtual gift card and other digital assets via the Centrapay network create a Centrapay Business account today.