Digital experiences at points of purchase.

We integrate with payment terminals, points of sale, shopping carts and unattended systems to enable every day use of digital assets, including bitcoin and ethereum.

In addition, we enable an ecosystem of partners to offer merchants and consumers digital experiences at the point of interaction. This includes real time consumer to business insights and the ability to offer Carbon Offsetting options.

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Easy enough for startups.
Scalable enough for Enterprise.

One of the biggest obstacles facing start-ups is how to scale your business without unnecessary capital investment? By integrating CentraPay you are exposing your business to a network of merchants to engage consumers and build Dapps through our extensive decentralised ecosystem. This allows you to scale faster and is more cost effective than the conventional way of doing ‘business’.


Better engagement with consumers.

Imagine a world where you can engage with your customers and reward them for their loyalty right there and then? Well with CentraPay you don’t need to imagine, as a retailer you’re able to provide loyalty vouchers for instant experience surveys that are redeemable through a few taps on your smartphone. What a time to be alive.


Payment is easier for consumers.

Dont pay banks or card schemes 2% of your profit. Accepting digital assets can be free for merchants. Contact us to find out more.

We integrate with payment terminals, Point of Sale systems, Vending machines and shopping carts to make P2P possible.


Focus your dev effort on building the best consumer experience and use CentraPay's acceptance points to rapidly get scale

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How can CentraPay help me?

I am a:

I’m a developer with a great idea and I want to rapidly onboard users to my dApp.

Great! Here at CentraPay we offer a simple web service, or SDK for app developers, to integrate with - so when a QR code is scannes a dApp can create a unique experience tailored to their customer. With CentraPay consumers also have the ability to redeem value and transact at 70.000 point of purchases across New Zealand via APIs for EFTPOS and POS and vending integrations.

Our platform
creates unique experiences

The downloadable software package we provide gives you all the tools you need to allow your users to scan a QR code and be a part of an engaging experience unique to themself.

POS, vending
+ shopping cart integration

Enable your customers to pay easily through CentralPay by integrating with over 70,000 POS across New Zealand. Not only will payments be easier, but loyalty point redemptions will be, as well - straight from user’s phone.

I’m a start-up and I want to interact with my customers in innovative ways to increase insights, engagement, loyalty, and spend.

You got it! CentraPay is great for helping your start-up grow. Our ecosystem of dApps lets companies share users, which makes scaling your company far faster (and cheaper!). In the CentraPay ecosystem growth is a team effort. Everyone is a contributor whether we’re talking sharing insights, onboarded users, or onboarded merchants.

Once you’ve got your users at a rock bottom CAC use CentraPay’s capabilities to interact with them in unique ways to increase long-term engagement with your company.

CentraPay enables everyday use of Digital Assets.

For merchants, it is expensive and risky to accept credit card payments and no credible alternatives exist. A new generation of Consumers with over USD 300 Billion in Digital Assets are looking for merchant acceptance.

CentraPay has built a platform and merchant acceptance network that makes it extremely easy to transact Digital Assets.

With CentraPay, consumers and merchants can benefit from rich digital engagement experiences before and after the payment, using CentraPay’s value adding partner network.

I am a consumer and I want to be able to interact with companies I buy from like it’s the 21st century.

Because your life is busy and you are always on the go you don’t have time to stand around wasting time and money. CentraPay lets you pay in cryptocurrency or other with the tap of a finger.

As a valuable consumer of products you deserve respect, thanks, and admiration from the merchants and brands you use. CentraPay lets brands interact with you on a personal level so you know you are purchasing the best product for your unique you.

Plus, using CentraPay gives you access to tons of dApps in one place. So get ready to start deleting those page and pages of apps you have on your phone. No one has time for that.

As a brand, I know the more I can be involved in a transaction, the more I can influence the sale! But help! How do I do that if I can’t be there in person?

We know our customers are waiting for us to catch up.
There are several things we know to be true: times are changing and people like using their phone a lot. For the shopping experience this looks like receiving and redeeming vouchers digitally and making instantaneous payments from a mobile phone.

But with new technologies being developed and more people owning cryptocurrency how do you plan on accepting that? CentraPay will help you accept cryptocurrencies and make cash settlements for you.