Digital Assets

We see a future where value is transferred as easily and efficiently as information. Where the possibilities for what we constitute as currency are infinite; where consumers, brands and businesses can engage and then one day we can transact directly with each other without a third party taking a disproportionate cut. 


Digital Asset Platform

We have the tools, technology and merchant acceptance network so anyone can easily create, distribute, share and transact digital assets.

Turn physical products into digital ones which can be used as currency to engage consumers

Distribute at scale and build a direct relationship with end users of your product

Transact digital products using existing payment infrastructure via Centrapay’s acceptance network

Connect, Engage & Pay

Drive foot traffic to your merchant partners

Curated campaign manager

Measure value and attribution

Here’s why you want to digitise your product:

Tokenization is expected to be a USD $24 Trillion dollar industry by 2027

All physical assets will have a digital equivalent. Products are no different and actually creates a massive opportunity for brands to connect directly with consumers, again. You can transform products into digital assets, to use as currency to engage consumers and drive sales for merchants. These can be transacted across Centrapay’s Merchant Acceptance Network.


Here’s why you want to digitise your product:

Centrapay uses blockchain technology to tokenize products and enable peer to peer value transfer. 


Brands, consumers and merchants can have confidence that the digital product has value and is not fake.  Like Bitcoin, it’s not possible to replicate digital assets (unlike existing digital representations e.g. vouchers, email, codes, tickets which anyone can duplicate and defraud others).


Tokenization transforms your product into a digital asset so that it can be distributed at scale and transacted with trust.  Options for these to be fungible or non-fungible and intelligent products which are codified as a smart contract.   Centrapay connects your identity and assets, enabling users to spend, share, trade or track any physical or digital asset cheaply and quickly, no matter where you are.


Digital Assets powered by blockchain technology are fundamentally changing the way consumers, banks and businesses interact.  Centrapay is the global leader in this space.