Merchant Payments

Transact via your point of sale, payment terminal, shopping cart or unattended device.

Merchant Payments

Centrapay has one of the largest alternative payment networks in the world. You can accept POCKETvouchers, gift cards, 3rd party vouchers, Digital Assets and more with zero integration. In addition, you can use the Centrapay Platform to curate your own campaign to engage consumers, promote offers into connected applications, which result in increased food traffic and sales.

Want to reduce the fees you pay to accept electronic payments?

Want a rich and contactless experience for your customers?

Innovative technology that works with your existing point of sale or payment terminal?

Make it easier for consumers to find you and provide incentives to them directly

The Centrapay Merchant Acceptance platform enables a trusted ecosystem to transact digital assets and currencies across a range of services including digital wallets, POS/merchant services, rewards programs and native digital currencies.